Assessing and ranking beta concepts using feedback from target market to inform the strategic direction of key product concepts


Uncovering the wants and needs of fans to proactively stay ahead of fan concerns, so they feel heard and appreciated

Ethiopian Female.jpeg

Understanding the Ethiopian community and healthcare to create meaningful strategies that increase connection and engagement


Understanding the emotional impact of Virtual Reality to guide strategic marketing decisions and technology/product development


Qualifying the opinions of consumers to drive attendance and growth

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Understanding the perception of the pharmaceutical industry in regards to diversity to provide a deeper understanding of why diversity matters in pharma


Ensuring immersive strategy resonates with sports and entertainment senior executives to inform strategy for driving increased immersive media partnerships

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Quantifying demand for an entertainment venue in highly-populated international city to provide research-based evidence that residents are excited for a venue


Assessing impact of Visitor Guides to inform upcoming content and design in future Visitor Guides