Understanding Consumer


Hootology's Consumer Loyalty Platform allows brands to understand the way consumers develop and maintain loyalty to the products and services they purchase. 

Our model is derived from proven psychological sciences, specifically McGuire's Theory of Psychological Motivation, which was developed by William McGuire (considered to be the “father of cognition”) in the 1970s. 

Hootology’s clients use our Consumer Loyalty Platform to profile current and potential consumers based upon a deeper understanding of...

  • What the basis is for consumers’ main drivers of decision making

  • What messaging is most impactful to guide consumers to try new products/services

  • What messaging is most impactful in maintaining consumer loyalty  

  • ….and how all of the items above shift when based on key demographics


We look at sixteen attitudinal-based segments, which can be added to an existing research project or serve as a stand-alone project within itself.

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Consumer Loyalty Platform

Marketing and Messaging


  • Understand what authentic story resonates most with customers

  • Deep dive into the thoughts and feelings of your future customers

Consumer Loyalty Platform

See a portion of the platform below……

Four of the sixteen segments are seen below shown by one of the drivers of loyalty (growth vs. status quo).  Feel free to play around with how the classifications shift when looking at the data by different ages groups and by household makeups.