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What our participants are saying...

Please note - we ran into a rare technical difficulty with one of our recent video studies, which has resulted in a delay in sending out participant incentives. We apologize for the delay, as we take paying our participants on time very seriously. We a are working hard to resolve this issue, and we thank you for your patience. If you have any questions, please shoot us a note via this contact form and we will be in touch shortly. 

Just like you wouldn't hop in an Uber or Lyft that has a 1.8 rating, or stay at an Airbnb with a 2.5 overall score, we wouldn't expect you to participate in a research study without knowing what former participants think of us.  As you will see, we pride ourselves in making our experiences fun, informative and rewarding for all!

Below are just a few of the many direct emails we've received from participants after joining our engaging, virtual and in-person research studies! 

"Thank you for the experience because we probably would've done this for free!"


"Fascinating focus group!  Wow – fast and furious.  Thanks for including me.  Really got me thinking.  Love the way it ran.  Tight show."

"We really enjoyed this endeavor. If you need anybody else, we're at, we're game. That's awesome. You've got a cool company."

"Hi Hootology Team! Just wanted to thank you guys for an awesome time and opportunity. It was fun, hope everything turned out the way you all anticipated.  Have a happy holiday season.  Cheers!" 

"Thanks for letting me participate in last evenings sports survey. It was well organized and hopefully productive."

"It was definitely fun and entertaining. Um, I didn't expect it was, it was better than what I expected it to be."

"Honestly, the food was a bonus. Like I didn't think you guys were going to feed us. I just thought we were going to sit there or a couple of hours."

"I was right on time, five minutes early &  it was a great experience, something I’ve actually never done before. It was cool getting a chance to read other peoples thoughts and suggestions, thank you so much for allowing me to put participate. And I hope that I will be on the list for the next online event ☺️."

"Great session.  Please let everyone know how impressed I was by the organization and process."

“Thank you for the Gift Card! I had fun!! Hope however the information is applied, that I was helpful. -- Nice”

“First of all I would like to say thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to participate in the virtual discussion. I had a great time. I really enjoyed it. And thank you for rewarding the gift card do fast. I look forward to any future discussions to participate in. Have a wonderful night!!"

“Thank you for the Gift Card and for walking me through all my mishaps with the scheduling! This survey and the way it was administrated was so much fun! I hope you got some great feedback! I'm going to buy my husband his Father's Day gift with this! Have a great remainder of the week!"

"Thank you, I really enjoyed participating in this project!"

“Thank you for the Gift Card! It was a fun project to participate in and it made me want to go to a game soon!"

"Thank you, Hootology!  Last night's event was fun, very easy and informative. I appreciate the opportunity and would be interested in future events, if you should need participants. Three of my four daughters are currently attending local universities and Amazon keeps us all somewhat sane!"

“I did now redeem my Amazon gift card.  Thank you so very much!  I did have fun participating and appreciate the offer to have been a part of it ."

"Thank you, Hootology. The questions were interesting and also it was very interesting to see what other people are thinking!"

"Thank you for including me in the event yesterday. I really enjoyed the gamification format. I hope you got what you were looking from the meeting."

"Thanks so much, Hootology! I really enjoyed the online discussion. I wish it had lasted longer. Have a great night!"

"It was an interesting experience and hope the data helps in the planning for the new website."

"Great survey, thanks for the opportunity!"

"I enjoyed the online discussion very much! That was my very first online discussion… it was fast moving with interesting questions. Thanks so much for the opportunity!"

"I really enjoyed being a part of it 😊 It was fun and I liked being able to see what other people answered."

"The discussion was great fun and I enjoyed taking part!!!"

"I enjoyed being a part of the group. It was fast-paced and the questions were good. I think maybe I over thought some and tried to write too much, especially seeing some of the brief answers."

" And the discussion was extremely enjoyable and relevant to me personally. Time flew by."

"Thanks again for coordinating all this and I had fun at today's discussion!"

"Thank you again for this opportunity. It was so fun and I enjoy sharing my opinions." 

"I enjoyed the study it was fast and fun. Thank you for letting me participate."

"I love this survey. Every time I feel like I had to end quickly, I could not say something, the next question then gives me an opportunity to get into it."

"I really enjoyed talking with such a diverse group of fellow educators; have several new ideas and appreciations from our conversations.”

"Thank you! I had fun in the focus group and interview. Good luck with the project!”

"If you ever have any similar studies in the future, please keep me in mind!"

"I had a lot of fun participating.”