Founder & Lead Innovator

After building analytics and insights divisions for multiple agencies, Stefanie is thrilled to be focusing on marrying sound research principles with modern technology.


Recognized as one of the Phoenix Business Journal's 'Forty Under 40,' a member of Valley Leadership and an award-winning speaker, Stefanie is most proud of her ability to ask "how could we do it better?"

In her spare time, Stefanie loves wandering through Central Park, finding inspiration in the oddballs of life, meditating and throwing pottery to stay connected with her art school days.

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Data Storyteller

During her 14-year global market research career, Shaelyn has established herself as an impassioned and experienced data storyteller.  Shaelyn’s experience provides a rare understanding of analytics and data, paired with an artistic eye toward graphic design, which results in client deliverables that are both visually compelling and conceptually understandable.

When she's not at her laptop, Shaelyn is often teaching anatomy and myofascial release or leading an International yoga retreat.

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VP of Partner Success

Jose is passionate about people, and as Hootology's Vice President, Partner Success and resident relationship whisperer (aka the guy you can call at any time with any question), he relishes the opportunity each day to get to know our clients on a deeper level and to help them uncover and address their meatiest business issues.

Outside of Hootology, Jose is a strength and conditioning coach and a competitive runner. 

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Statistical Strategist

Melissa is fanatical about finding meaning in data and seeing organizations make data-driven decisions that forward their missions.  She eats up particular challenges that require her to conduct complex statistical analyses and then explain these plainly to mathphobes.

She spends her pro bono time untangling homelessness data for the central Arizona homelessness provider community. In her non-data-crunching time Melissa swims, bikes, and runs (and sometimes puts all 3 sports together) and is a dog mom and Big Sister.

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Director of Details

Christine is a perfectionist, fixated on improvement and excellence. She gets excited about details, data and facts. "Hard working", "loves to be useful" and “creative" merely scratch the surface of the list of words and phrases we’d use to describe her.

When Christine isn't organizing and solving problems, you’ll find her exploring Colorado in search of adventure, hiking, traveling, painting, and spending time with her two awesome boys.

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Consumer Psychologist

Lindsey has an insatiable curiosity, which she employs to get to the root of issues by asking the (sometimes) tough questions. She has a background in clinical, consulting and performance psychology and uses a data driven and collaborative approach to help individuals, organizations and groups become the best versions of themselves.

When she is not spelunking in the caves of the psyche, Lindsey likes to travel the world in search of adventure, culture and fashion.

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Data Viz Wizard

Although she’s always loved data, Ripley has welcomed a newfound appetite for design. She would describe herself as an intense observer of details with a passion for storytelling. Combining these skills, she is able to bring to life well-grounded and engaging visual stories that dive deeper than the spreadsheet.

Ripley is an occasional writer for the Data Visualization Society and when she’s not getting lost in beautiful visualizations, she’s listening to a podcast (suggestions welcome!), gardening, or making music. 

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Corporate Facilitator

Ami is an experienced product and marketing professional with a passion for Workplace Wellness and Financial Technology. Her background includes building high-performing teams, 0 to 1,000,000+ user growth, and all things startup strategy, organizational problem-solving, brand building, consumer research and product design.


She is also the Founder of Mondays Labs, a product studio focused on the intersection between professional performance and personal wellness. Before Mondays Labs, Ami led the growth team at Tala, a venture-backed global technology company operating in the digital banking and financial inclusion sectors.

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Qualitative Detective

No matter the situation, Terra is either the detective or the fixer, but rarely both at the same time! She investigates every angle until she has never-ending resolve. Hard work and organization are her super powers. Terra loves to help fix things so they make sense to everyone involved.


Terra earned a double degree in Business Administration and Organizational Leadership while raising four children. Terra has been managing projects for over 11 years in an effort to make sure communities are striving socially and financially.


Terra is looking forward to becoming an empty nester with her newly retired husband. She loves taking a weekend road trip, FaceTiming with family and simply relaxing to read a book.


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Robin Dillard

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Owen Rankin

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Nora Hannah

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