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Our Values

In-caHOOTs :: Be an irreplaceable partner. To partner is an ACTION.

What does “In-caHOOTs” mean in action? 

  • If “above and beyond” had a beyond, exist there.

  • If the client doesn’t understand what’s possible or how to use the data we provided, that’s on us. It’s our job to find a better way to help them understand. 

  • Honesty, always. Except Stef, she could stand to be less honest at times.

  • All partnerships are better if each person brings a unique set of experiences and strengths.    Therefore diversity of all types will be sought and honored.

  • Trust is a feeling.  Don’t F with trust.   

HOOTenanny  :: Have fun, dammit.

What does “HOOTenanny” mean in action? 

  • Uptight environments crush creativity. And, if there’s no creativity there is no evolution.

  • If you enjoy doing something, it is fun. We enjoy math, statistics, psychology, data, design and strategy. So, our work is fun and that is okay.

  • Always ask, "What can I do to make this better"? When things grow and expand they tend to be more fun!

  • Fun and lighthearted connection comes from knowing people on a deeper level. Dive deep!

  • Be your authentic self (like the self your therapist knows you to be).

- OLOGY :: keep learning, always.

What does “ology” mean in action? 

  • “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." - Maya Angelou

  • To teach, is to learn. Each month, a Hootologist shares a new topic with the team, for example, consumer psychology bias in AI development, white fragility, start up strategy and prison reform (just to name a few past topics…).

  • The ways we grow and learn outside of work make us better Hootology team members.

  • Seek to learn new skills and stay up on the latest trends in tech and society.

  • Don’t just fit into your role.  Grow your role to fit you.