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Corporate Diversity Index/SDII

Hootology Market Research

Are you a supplier diversity or diversity professional?  Would you like to be able to say any of these things about your brand's diversity initiatives?


  • Those who perceive a brand as committed to diversity are nearly four times more likely to consider a brand’s products/services compared to those who do not.

  • Those who perceive a brand as committed to diversity are three times more likely to purchase a brand’s products/services  than those who do not.

  • A 1% lift in awareness of our Supplier Diversity program, will lead to an additional 600,000 U.S. consumers using our products or services.


These are ACTUAL results from our 2020 study that your peers are using to grow their diversity initiatives and show the business case for diversity. 


The Corporate Diversity Impact/SDII report shows the results above plus much, much more…..

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*Note: Results shown above are blinded.

Want to include your brand in the next Corporate Diversity Index/SDII study?  Give us a call!

Client Testimonials

“This goes well beyond ROI insights, supplier diversity, DNI, employment and marketing insights, and we are still unpacking it…there is more to come.”

– Fortune 50 B2C/B2B company 

“For the first time ever, we are going to be able to build out our supplier diversity strategy with metrics!" 

- Fortune 100 CPG company

“The SDII was WAY more than we expected and we are SO excited to have these results, they are going to be very valuable.”

– Fortune 200 CPG company 

“The summary actually tells a story.”

- Fortune 100 CPG company

“Even a fifth-grader could understand it, they have it summarized very succinctly, very simply and I can use it for any stakeholder I want to share it with.” 

- Fortune 100 CPG company

“We are B2B and we have found great value with the SDII and understanding the impact on business decision makers.”

- Fortune 50 B2C/B2B company